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About tycoons
About - Real Estate Tycoons

About tycoons

Real Estate Tycoons (“Tycoons” for short) is unlike your typical NFT project. When you become a member of the Real Estate Tycoon community, you become a Tycoon. And Tycoon Island is our home where we are the only community-driven NFT-powered startup & real estate investment club built to operate in the metaverse.

Learn, build, and hangout with real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, web3 nerds, and community builders focused on building wealth by pushing the edges of real estate and the blockchain.

Real Estate Tycoons

A Project by

Real Estate Tycoons will be the first project release of RWA Labs. Tycoons will be an integral piece to a much bigger vision. RWA Labs is on a mission to revolutionize real estate by merging real world assets (commercial real estate properties) and the blockchain to develop what we call the real-estate-blockchain-economy. The Real Estate Tycoons NFT release will be the only way to gain early exposure into the community development of the RWA Labs and will prove integral over time to the entire ecosystem.

A Project by

The NFT Utilities

We have "tycoon-sized" utilities for the Tycoons.


Join our community where you can focus, create, connect, and collaborate with other successful real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, web3 nerds, and community builders. Our space will provide resources and mentorship, networking, curriculum, community, and capital to support our members on their entrepreneurial journey.


Access to IRL and metaverse meetups, events, and more for the Tycoon community. Metaverse events will be held on Tycoon Island. IRL events will be starting in Texas.


Tycoons is an environment to cultivate, shape, and grow your entrepreneurship & real estate expertise at any level. We pride ourselves on building a collaborative community that benefits our members. This will include AMAs/presentations from millionaire guest speakers, live monthly mastermind calls, commercial investment property tours, office hours for Q&A with our core team, a community fund and more…


$Tycoon is the native utility token that fuels the Tycoon ecosystem, passively generated daily by staking your NFT. $Tycoon will be a standard fungible token and is to be used as the in-ecosystem currency. Additional rewards will be available for those who stake greater than 5 Tycoons.

Real Estate Tycoons

The Team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operations Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


Game Development & Community


Lead NFT Artist


Chief Partnerships Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of the core team has been involved in the crypto space since 2016, have collectively been in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years, and have experience in a couple technology companies. Here are a few highlights and experiences:

• The Tycoons NFT project is 100% self-funded by the team
• We have collectively closed over $1 Billion in commercial real estate investment deals
• Own & operate a commercial real estate investment services firm (

The next available opportunity to mint a Tycoon will be during the Whitelist sale in October/November. We recommend you visit the Tycoons Discord for more information on the mint.

Follow us on Twitter and join the Tycoon’s Discord and feel free to ask any questions you have. Our Core Team is active in the discord so hit us up!